Pioneering Europe’s cannabis industry

Passionate about the cannabis plant, we are specialists in the cannabidiol molecule (CBD), as well as privileged witnesses of its powers on humans (some supposed, some proven), in particular analgesics, tranquilizers and relaxants.

At Herborisia, we make it a point of honor to co-produce different varieties and only offer products based on hemp grown in a sustainable manner, in compliance with European standards (THC level, psychoactive substance of the plant, below 0.2%).

In order not to distort them or divert their use, we advocate consumption of CBD flowers without combustion. In fact, the inhalation of smoke, whatever its origin, is harmful. We therefore advocate use by infusion or ingestion. These gentle methods of administration allow you to:

  • keep the undeniable taste and olfactory qualities of CBD,
  • save your health and that of those around you (passive smoke),
  • take advantage of the potential benefits of the hemp plant (Cannabaceae family, Cannabis sativa L.), without its drawbacks.

Beyond the wave of legalization of “recreational cannabis” almost everywhere on the globe and especially in North America, adoptions and experiments in Europe around “medical cannabis” or “therapeutic cannabis” will certainly not have escaped you. Remember, dear customer or reader, that we are naturally not allowed to promote our products from a medicinal or medical point of view. We are neither a doctor nor a pharmacist, you will not find any prescription in our shop; we remain in our place, that of a simple online merchant whose only ambition is to offer its customers high-end CBD products at the best possible price. We therefore invite visitors to our CBD e-commerce to consult doctors and specialists in order to choose and define with them the best possible use of our products.

As a pioneer in the sector (2015), both in trading and online commerce, we are continuing with you our path towards a future where natural well-being is a right for all and not a privilege reserved for the “happy few“. Your feedback and testimonials on each product have guided us from the first day; your encouragement but also your disappointments are extremely precious to us, keep telling us! Finally, we thank our most loyal customers, without whom this incredible entrepreneurial adventure could not continue.